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Journal of Malaysian Critical Metals (MyCM)
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 Responsible Mining: Challenges to Make it Right – Government Perspective

M.Z.A. Wahab*, M.H. Mazwir, N.A. Ismail

1 - 4

Sustainable Bauxite Mining Guidelines – A Globally Applicable Initiative

M Prosser*, M Johnson, K Saptaji

5 - 8

The Revival of the Malaysian Tin Mining Industry

H.K. Sia

9 - 19

The Role of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) in Human Capital Development for the Mineral Resources Industry: The Rare Earth Case Study

Z. Hassan*, M.Y.M. Yunus, N.A.Ismail, A. Ramlia, R. Kanthasamy  

20 - 26

Responsible Mineral Resource Development – The Way Forward

H. Termidi*, A.I. Nafsu, A. Hisyam

27 - 30

Responsible Mining Towards The Sustainable and Mineral Resource Development: Education Perspective

Syarifah Abd Rahim*, Suriati Ghazali, Rohana Abu, Eman N. Ali

31- 33

Corporate Social Responsibility in Mining Industry

 L.H. Teoh

34 - 38